Finding a dignified resolution for West Papua

Post written by Susan Connelly
15 May, 2016
Read Pastor Benny Giay’s comprehensive presentation on West Papua. [...]
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Church leaders condemn recent violence in West Papua

Post written by Susan Connelly
4 January, 2016
Read about responses to recent killings. For a full account of the ongoing violence in December 2015, refer to this summary from the Australia West Papua Association. [...]

Vanishing Tribes: Unheard Voices from West Papua

Post written by Susan Connelly
9 July, 2015
Vanishing Tribes is a free, interactive, 70-page illustrated eBook that tells a fictional story based on real events in West Papua. It is a tribute to the people of this island nation and their unstoppable determination against all odds to regain their freedom through 50 years of passive resistance. [...]

Love Makes a Way

Post written by Susan Connelly
5 July, 2015
Click here to read about a demonstration in Parliament House to draw attention to asylum seekers. Innocent people should not be locked up. Praying for asylum seekers and politicians [...]

The Papuan people need your help

Post written by Susan Connelly
11 June, 2015
Apolos Sroyer, a traditional leader in West Papua has been arrested for expressing his opinion in a peaceful demonstration.  Click here to find out ways to help him. [...]

Support West Papua’s bid to join the Melanesian Spearhead Group

Post written by Susan Connelly
29 May, 2015
What is the Melanesian Spearhead Group Helping West Papua join.  WP 4 MSG (I am not sure where I got these original documents, so apologies to whoever wrote them.)       [...]

What’s happening in West Papua?

Post written by Susan Connelly
29 May, 2015
Read major reports on the situation: “Slow motion genocide’ or not? ” and “Neglected Genocide” and other news items.       [...]

Awards….and Borders

Post written by Susan Connelly
21 May, 2015
The President of Timor-Leste: “In April, I met Indonesian President Joko Widodo. He and I agreed to immediately give a renewed boost to the negotiation of the borders between Timor-Leste and Indonesia, especially the sea border. The land border is 98% established…..With regard to Australia, Timor-Leste has also proposed the start of negotiations for the definition of our shared sea border. We continue to wait for an answer to our proposal…”.  Read the President’s speech. [...]

Help set a border with Timor-Leste

Post written by Susan Connelly
20 April, 2015
The most effective means of supporting justice in Timor-Leste is to visit your Member of Parliament about the Timor Sea issues. Here is a letter for sending to the Parliamentarian, talking points for a meeting, and a briefing paper to leave after the meeting.   [...]

War Lies

Post written by Susan Connelly
3 August, 2014
Here are two articles concerning the anniversary of World War I, both of which critique the manipulation of the Anzac image. Don Watson:  “Lest we go over the top” Tom Hyland: “No honour in commercialisation of ‘Disney’ Diggers” [...]