Finding a dignified resolution for West Papua

Post written by Susan Connelly
15 May, 2016
Read Pastor Benny Giay’s comprehensive presentation on West Papua. [...]
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Vanishing Tribes: Unheard Voices from West Papua

Post written by Susan Connelly
9 July, 2015
Vanishing Tribes is a free, interactive, 70-page illustrated eBook that tells a fictional story based on real events in West Papua. It is a tribute to the people of this island nation and their unstoppable determination against all odds to regain their freedom through 50 years of passive resistance. [...]

The Papuan people need your help

Post written by Susan Connelly
11 June, 2015
Apolos Sroyer, a traditional leader in West Papua has been arrested for expressing his opinion in a peaceful demonstration.  Click here to find out ways to help him. [...]